DIY Stickers


One of my most favourite ways to stretch my stash is by making my own stickers. This is a very cost effective method because you get to produce the designs that you absolutely love and know that will be put to use. Also, if you know that you'll be using a set over and over again like labels, tabs and tags, you can always print and cut any number of sheets that you need so you'll never run out of these essentials again!

For this tutorial, I used the following materials:

  • glossy A4 sticker photo paper
  • inkjet printer
  • Silhouette Designer Edition V3 software & Silhouette Cameo
  • "Captured" Digital Elements by Basic Grey (You can use any digital elements in PNG format)
  • cutter & corner puncher (optional)

First step, is to open a new file in Silhouette. Set the paper size to A4 (or similar size to your sticker photo paper) and pick a style for your Registration Marks. I used Type 1 here.  Please note that you can make the position of the insets smaller as long as your printer border limit can handle it.

Open your PNG elements folder and start dragging each PNG design file to your paper. You can resize each design as you please. Make sure that you only place the designs within the red border mark.

Once you fill the page with your chosen designs, it's time to print. For vivid output, set your Paper Type to "Photo Paper" & Print Quality to "Best".

Now, it's time to trace the designs. Click "Select Trace Area" and make a rectangle boundary for the designs that you wish to cut. Uncheck the "High Pass Filter" and set the "Threshold" to 100%. 

Your screen should now look highlighted in yellow like the pic below. 

Click "Trace Outer Edge" to reveal the red cutting line for each PNG element.

Now, it's time to cut! Under the Cut Settings menu, set your Material Type to White Sticker Paper. Double Click it to be able to edit the settings. Set your Blade to 2, Speed to 5 cm/s and Thickness to 5. Note that these numbers could vary depending on your paper thickness so it's best to do a trial cut first. Click "Send to Silhouette".

After kiss cutting with your machine, you can also cut the edges to remove the registration marks and round the corners to make them look neater. 

Now, we have fresh sticker sheets ready to use!