Daughter-Mom Weekly Dates


"Oh, she will remember those days forever.", a friend said when I told her about my weekly dates with my daughter.

I initially chose Tuesday for my weekly date with Jam, but I found myself more relaxed to hold it when I already finished the bulk of the work for the week (that usually happens on a Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday). So, "our day" is a Thursday.

I really wanted it to be on a weekday afternoon because that's the time when our favorite cafe is not very busy and we get to sit on our favorite corner. And this is the part where I say, weekday afternoons, ahem, just because I can. For so many years, I can't afford to go out on a weekday because I was employed & had to stay stuck in the office. It's different now where after consciously crafting the kind of lifestyle that I truly want for me & my family, I am now actually living it.

Our weekly dates are simple:

  • We sit on the same cafe corner near the small indoor fish pond. She enjoys "fish-watching" apparently.
  • We order the same food -- fish & chips, soft cookie and fresh juice.
  • We do the same stuff - talk, paint, write & read. I bring 2 notebooks that we are currently working on at the moment, some pens & a Peerless watercolor swatch booklet that I made for this purpose. Sometimes we create together. Sometimes we do our own thing, smiling at each other every now & then.
  • Afterwards, we'll drop by a nearby supermarket for a quick grocery with usually involves food that we crave to cook or eat till our next real grocery day (Sunday).
  • We go to a bookstore where we let ourselves get lost in a sea of books & stationery. Sometimes we buy something. Sometimes we get out of the shop with nothing but fresh ideas to make something.

It is magical how this repetitive process brings a different memory every time. It is amazing how we never tire of it (even if I don't like repeating activities to begin with!). It seems that these little pockets of time that we allot for each other are what truly matters in our relationship.

"Let's do this again, Mom!", Jam will tell me every time we head home. "Of course.", I promise her.