Free Stuff: Streak Challenge Tracker

streak image-05
streak image-05

Due to our day job timings, my husband and I came to realize that there’s no way we can get back to our after-work running anytime soon so… we got ourselves an elliptical machine.

Our first week with the shiny thing was great, we would excitedly hop on it and complete our day’s target workout time. Now’s the second week and I can see we’re already missing some workout days. Oh no!

I made this Streak Challenge printable to rescue good habits. Stay motivated and use it with a partner or buddy. The 2 different colored rows are made especially for that. You can use this with your own rules like “Sunday & Wednesday are rest days.” for your Daily Toning Exercises Challenge. Don’t forget to set a reward for whoever gets the longest streak to sweeten the deal.

Click here to download your copy. Let the challenge begin!