The Lovely Day Habits

Our daily lives are comprised of habits that we consciously or unconsciously do every single day. I wrote down habits and activities that contribute to a truly lovely day for me. As always, I invite you to reflect on what are the things that comprise your lovely day, too.

- Get some sunshine. Vitamin D is very important for my sluggish thyroid and I am lucky that I live in a place where I can get sunshine almost everyday. Just seeing the rays of light when I open our bedroom window at the start of the day makes me feel blessed and nourished.

- Meditation. I like the listening type of meditation. I talked about it more on my morning routines post.

- Bone stretching. I was diagnosed with a slight case of scoliosis. I may not exactly reverse the curve but doing the exercises that my doctor taught me years ago makes me feel that I'm giving my bones the TLC they very much need.

- Exercise. This is the hardest for me right now and I will not even try to explain so I'll just say it one word - Hypothyroidism. I used to be the girl who's always in the gym and who encourages others to exercise till I got it. The key right now of me is gentleness with my body. If I exercise to the point of exhaustion, I am doing more harm than good. I like toning over cardio so I usually start with that to motivate me. I'm lucky to have a fitness buddy -- my husband. He said we'll be hiking more this year and I'm SO excited just thinking about it.

- Creative activities. I have so many creative hobbies, it's impossible to bore me. My faves are (I love each one so much, I need to write them in bold letters.):

moodboard assembly I made for paper products design inspiration
moodboard assembly I made for paper products design inspiration
  • art journaling (precious, precious art time)
  • memory documenting (my family actually looks forward to this!)
  • moodboard assembly (for a dose of inspiration)
  • papercrafts (my sweaty palms are not stopping me)
  • lettering (I finally discovered my style, friends! It deserves a separate post.)
  • handmade home projects (where my architect self comes in)
  • kiddie art projects with my daughter (always filled with laughter)
  • photography (finding beauty in the ordinary is my favorite challenge)
  • journal writing (and reading my old journals!)
  • graphic design (testing textures & effects, yeah!)
  • business brainstorming (seriously ;))

- Connection. Relationships matter greatly so giving time for a chat, an email or a phone call with a family member or friend is time well spent for me.

- Feel good "me" time. My current fave treat for myself is pink kaolin clay face mask. It instantly transports me to a place of relaxation and feel good vibes!

Whenever I'm able to do most or all (!) of these within the day, oh, for sure, I feel great! I have come to realize that filling our selves with habits of nourishment, love-filled connection and surrounding our lives with beauty and appreciation is what makes an ordinary day exquisite.

Have a great day!