Keeping up with 6x8 Hybrid Memorykeeping


00_6x8_cover5 I use 6x8 albums for my Project Life memorykeeping. I didn’t dabble with album sizes. I started, loved it and is still using this size up to now for all of my scrapbook projects. My favorite albums (the kraft ones are affordable but the leather ones are so worth it!) and page protectors are by Simple Stories.

I prefer hybrid scrapbooking — I go digital using my desktop or mobile phone then I print my pages then add minimal embellishments. This is the quickest, most efficient process I use that lets me keep up with memorykeeping even if I’m very busy.

I use my Project Life App more often than Photoshop for my layouts. It lets me compose my Project Life layouts anywhere (usually while waiting at the bank or while waiting for Jam's class to finish). As of date of writing, it is designed for 8x8 or 12x12 layouts.

Here’s my mini hack to make the app work for my 6x8 album.

I only use the following layouts from the app: (from top, left to right) Design F, Design U, Sqaured Away 14, Design Y, and Square Away 9.

I layout my photos on the first 3 columns from left. I use the white card from the Neutral Cards kit on the 4th column if I just want to chop that part off or I add journaling/filler cards on the 4th column if I want to add mini-cards to my collection.

I export the file to 8x8 size and print it on 100% scale on letter size or a4 photo paper.

I cut the 4th column then trim each mini-cards. A corner puncher works great for this.

Here’s how the mini-cards will look like when trimmed. I use this for my planner or art journals.

I cut around the other sides of the photo layout by leaving a small margin at the edges. I guess I’ve been doing this for so long that I can eyeball the correct margin without any guides. :)

The cut photo layout looks like this.

This fits the plain 6x8 page protectors nicely.

Because I limit my layouts with the options above, I can also cut my pages in half to fit the page protectors with 2 4x6 pockets or...

2 4x4 and 1 2x8 pockets.

I like embellishing my pages with wood veneers and stamps. As you can see, my pages have a lot of photos on them so going minimal with the embellishments is the way to go for me.

I’m currently able to keep up with my Project52 using this process. How about you, how do you keep up with your pages?