My Special Diet List (A Freebie) + My AIP Diet Experience


September marks the start of my Autoimmune Protocol Diet. This time I'm no longer dependent on doctors (after seeing over a dozen of them), I did my own research for my hypothyroidism situation and I am integrating all the lifestyle intervention that I can possibly do. A great aspect of my recovery program is food.

My diet right now is strictly no sugar, no grains, no legumes, no egg, no soy, no dairy & no nuts. Surprisingly, yes, there are still a lot of food options for me. Most of the I have to remind everyone in the house, including myself, about what I can & can't eat. I'm sure most of you have a specific dietary requirement based on your current health condition, lifestyle & even geographic location (cheers to locally grown foods!) just like me & I don't believe in a diet that seems like one-rule-fits-all so I made a printable that's very useful for this.

I only started "my special "just-for-me" diet" at the last week of August & I can already see that I lost my morning bloating & my regular afternoon energy drain. You can do this, too! And it's going to be so worth it. Click here to get your printable copy.

Update (after 2 1/2 weeks of AIP Diet): I lost over 2 kilos & the ugly baby bump look on my tummy is gone (happy dance)! Got hypothyroidism & want to get started with Autoimmune Diet Protocol, too? Check out AutoImmune Paleo Cookbook & 28 Days of AIP for great meal plans & recipes (affiliate links).  Also, this article by Wellness Mama and primer by Dr K News are great reads for beginners.