One Ingredient Beauty


I realized I left my favorite face cleanser the moment I got to the plane. I doubt it’s available here in the UAE and thought of getting a replacement. I brought a big bottle of honey though for my big home spa treat plans for my husband and remembered reading about women who uses honey as their face cleanser. It’s been a week now since I gave it a try and I’m glad to report that I do not miss my old cleanser at all. It is probably because I need all the moisture I can get due to the drying effect of the warm tap water here.

I love mixing my own beauty products but I still find that one-ingredient beauty products are awesome. They save time, save money and their pure properties do the job well. Here are my favorite one-ingredient examples that I personally tried:

  • Face cleanser - honey
  • Face toner - witch hazel
  • Makeup remover - sweet almond oil or sunflower oil
  • Face moisturizer - peach kernel oil or wheatgerm oil
  • Face mask - honey or egg white
  • Hair treatment - aloe vera (great for falling hair)
  • Body Deodorant - baking soda (I swear by this one. No need for expensive deos anymore! I recommend detoxing first with dabs of apple cider vinegar (let sit for 20 mins. and rinse) for 3 days before using this.)
  • Green juice - barley grass powder (Powerful stuff, this literally cleared my sister’s goiter bump in the neck in one week! Drop me a message if you’re curious where to get this in Manila.)

I’ll be adding more to the list as soon as I discover more great natural ingredients. If you have children in the house, don’t forget to put label on your cosmetics bottles!