Online Classrooms for Your Creative Biz


Hey, friends! Here's an update of my original list post on e-learning. This time, the list is shorter because I'm just including my faves.

I love the convenience and potential of learning online. From zero background on vector drawing, I personally learned the basics of Illustrator within a week with just a laptop and that knowledge helped me build my own creative business. I never stopped learning from e-courses since then. 

  • Lynda - "The place" where I learned Illustrator. The approach seems formal but the courses are updated and the essentials are here. I also use this site to learn courses for softwares that are Architecture related. All my Lynda certificates are dear to me. :)
  • Treehouse - I love their Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop and business courses. The lessons are engaging and there are quizzes to check your progress. Very well structured.
  • Skillshare - There are a lot of novelty courses that I enjoyed here - from interior design to bookbinding. There are also big names in design and marketing teaching here. I also especially like the company produced courses like that ones by Big Cartel.
  • Udemy - A mega site for online learning. I go here for "Science of People" classes (gestures and languages), Dave Cross' Wacom classes and lessons on social media. 
  • CreativeLive - Gold knowledge in every class! My faves are the interview series by founder Chase Jarvis, Michael Port's public speaking class, bookkeeping (gasp!) and product photography.
  • Creativebug - An affordable subscription that is sure to get you "creatively" busy. I still remember how the class by Maybelle Imasa on calligraphy reminded me of the beauty of imperfection. 
  • Craftsy - Where I discovered & continue to learn urban sketching and watercolors. The teachers are excellent and very experienced on their fields. You definitely have to try for yourself to see!
  • Illustratoring - I learned advance lessons on Illustrator from Laura Coyle's classes and I'm thrilled to learn that she reopened her classes on this website. Her illustrations are delightful and her classes teach how she makes them. You'll get so much value, it's insane (and very generous of her!) that she offered her classes this time for FREE.
  • Atly - Classes by Alma Loveland & Sycamore Street Press' Eva Jorgensen. Enough said.
  • Studio CalicoAli Edwards, & Big Picture Classes - For the best modern memory keeping classes. You've got to document that creative journey, of course!
  • I Still Love Calligraphy - When I was a newbie in calligraphy, everything I knew about it, I learned from practice and from Melissa's essential videos. And as you know, the discipline and craft of calligraphy can be applied in design & business.
  • Jane Davenport - I stopped making mixed media art (the rich & layered kind) when I discovered my love for watercolors. But during the time I was hooked on it, I extremely enjoyed Jane's classes. Her enthusiasm and tips makes creating with her fun. 
  • Jeanne Oliver - Jeanne's site has a lot of art classes on it but what I found truly special were her spiritual, business and home courses. They're soulful and they feel like having tea with a good friend.

I truly hope this list helps you, too, on your creative journey. Never stop learning!