Creative Business & Soul Podcast Picks


My natural multi-tasker self doesn't function well when there's music involve. I have a hard time working with background music on. I can still remember my employee days on offices with a centralized music. Let's just say, I'm glad it's over.

I gave Spotify a chance on my work computer recently and found myself actually enjoying music now while working. But I am very picky with my sounds & I still had to turn it off though when I have to focus on something like composing an email or an article. I decided to take my listening to another level and turned on my podcast playlist one day. I used to just listen to them while doing some household chores. Working while having ideas continuously fed by people talking on a podcast was something new to me. But boy, I was hooked! Now, I even have my go-to stations on my little Itunes playlist.

I'd like to share my favorites that didn't just serve as my background sounds but had been truly helpful in my business and personal life because of their valuable content:

Business stations:

Seanwes - Ah, simply game changing. I love how he emphasizes discipline & hard work to achieve success. So many nuggets of wisdom here that new business owners can find essential when starting a venture. (P.S. This is just my personal opinion and I know some might hate me for saying this: I dislike Ben's energy on the show. It must be because of his voice. I feel his tone is OK for casual conversations but for a show like a podcast, I feel he can take it a notch higher (or livelier). Sean has an earlier video on tone for presentations. Must see. )

The Smart Passive Income - I can relate with Pat Flynn's love for strategies & routines. When I learned that he & his wife are the only parents in their kids' school who get bring their kids to school together (as in both parents), I instantly sensed a kindred spirit. Just like us!

The Tim Ferriss Show - Tim's recommendations and high profile interviews are gold. One of my fave episodes: His discussion on Stoicism with Ryan Holiday.

The James Altucher Show- Love James' take on controversial but important matters. Must listen: His take on the subject of college.


The Robcast- It only took 1 episode to make me a fan. He explains big topics like God, and "good things" and perfection in ways for you might have never thought of before.

Joyce Meyer TV Audio - She is my female virtual spiritual mentor right now. I adore her!

Joel Osteen - Positivity, hope & love guaranteed in every episode.

Every Branch - The premise of the show is about the search for life balance (which doesn't really exist) but I enjoy every episode nonetheless. Each topic they discuss are SO INTERESTING to me. I feel I could be BFFs with the 2 hosts on an alternate universe.

What are your favorite podcast channels?