The Practice of Morning Pages


I recently included the practice of "Morning Pages” in my morning routine. It’s inspired by Julia Cameron’s idea from the book “The Artist’s Way”. I honestly haven’t read the book yet but I fell in love with the idea since I saw Julia’s video explaining its practice including the weekly "creative date” idea.

This doesn’t need to be a high art or creative form of writing. It is basically doing a brain dump in 3 pages before starting your day. This process clears the mind and allows creativity in, without the distraction of all those little thoughts that we carry in our head.

At first, I thought that 3 pages is too much for me but  I realized that on some days, 3 pages weren’t even enough!

When I write

I take my hypothyroidism meds early in the morning to ensure I have an empty stomach & I can absorb it 1 hour before breakfast. I set my alarm very early for this, usually during dawn. I write my Morning Pages right after taking my meds.

For me, the dawn is the best time to write on my pages because of its silence plus the sight of the trees outside my bedroom window is amazing. Everyone is still asleep that time and no one needs my attention yet.

TOOLS (the first two are all you need, the rest is optional):

1) Notebook. I choose the cahier (3.5”x5.5”) notebook after much trial with other sizes, primarily because it is the manageable size for me plus the size is easy to source locally.

I have a mini-collection of waterproof notebooks because of my palmar hyperhidrosis (the struggle is so, so real!) and I started by using some of them for my Morning Pages. These pages have unbelievably smooth pages, maybe because they’re not made from real paper pulp. Pairing these pages with a gel pen feels like writing on butter (is that even possible?). So divine!

The only caveat is that you have to wait for the ink to dry before flipping to the next page. Due to this, my hunt for the perfect Morning Pages notebooks continues.

I house my notebooks on a leather handmade journal that I modified (I removed the stitched kraft notebooks and I added elastics.) and later I got another leather journal (shown on cover image) to contain the new notebooks I had ordered. Both of these are made by local companies. I support local artisans whenever I can.

Both of these notebooks look good, a bit distressed just the way I like it, but if ever I’ll be buying a third cover, I want something very thick, stiff and sturdy. I’m not a delicate kind of girl, you know. All my stuff needs to be heavy duty because of how I handle them. Ha!


After you finishing a notebook, refilling a fresh one on a leather cover feels so good!


2) A pen. Use a pen that has a good grip for your hand as you’ll be writing a lot. I learned that a pen that’s too slender makes my hand ache by the time I reach my 3rd page. You’ll know what works for you as you do this daily.

3) Date stamp. Of course, I can just write the dates but I like the idea of stamping the date on my pages.

4) Ink pad. When I use the “Morning Pages” play (read below for more info), I use the same color, like black or blue, for all my pages to give them a uniform element.

5) LED book light. This white led light (pictured below) is an invaluable tool for me. It gives me just the right amount of light for writing so I don’t have to wake my husband because of turned on lights in our room. This is so portable. It fits my pencil case when folded & I can just clip it on my notebook & write, even while I’m still on my bed.


A Morning Pages Play idea:

I use different colored pens for each day. It brightens my notebooks and really makes this process fun & interesting to look back to.


It’s suggested to check back on you Morning Pages every 6 months. I can’t wait to see the insights I’ll discover by the time I review mine!