USB Mixtape Card


For my 3rd Bee Happy Crafts project, I made a USB mixtape card. It’s basically a card that has a holder for a USB that’s loaded with a playlist. I used to make a lot of mixtapes for my friends and I wish to revive sharing themed music in a crafty way.

For this project, I used the following materials:

  • Casette Tape Postcards set
  • jute twine
  • Project Life journaling cards
  • stickers
  • white cardstock
  • B-Side Digital Papers by Basic Grey
  • paper trimmer/scissors
  • bone folder
  • glue

The Cassette Tape Postcard set contains pairs of designs and I chose the ones with neutral colors.


I made the card/holder template using Illustrator based on the size of the postcards. You can download the template that I used HERE.

I added digital paper patterns on the bottom of my templates and made some tiny tags using them, too, to add pops of color.


I used Fiskars trimmer & scissors to cut the templates to give them a clean finish.


With a bone folder, I also use my trimmer as a scoring board. All the dashed lines of the template must be scored.


I folded & glued to assemble the card.


I cut an ellipse shape at the center of the postcards based on the size of the USBs. This is easy to do with scissors because the cassette tape design already has 2 holes in each postcard.


I decorated the blank part of the card using lined designs from Project Life journaling cards and stickers from 1001 Awesome Stickers book by local artists.


I also added stickers on the USBs to conceal their brand names and to match the cards. (If you cut too much of the postcard hole like I did on one on the right below, it's best to secure the USB with a double-sided tape.)


Prior to printing, I added some music-themed texts on the tags I made via Illustrator. On the cover flap I glued the other pair of the postcard and made 2 holes using an X-acto knife to allow me to tie the jute twine and add tags over it.


Here’s the final output!


I hope you enjoyed all my Bee Happy Crafts projects. If you missed the other 2, you can catch Project 1 here & Project 2 here. Now, excuse me as I load these USBs with my favorite songs. :)