Body-Based Work Hours


It took me a long time to figure and accept the "timing" that my body requires from me at this time of my life. We always hear how one should do the most productive thing in the morning. I personally agree with that so I would put a lot of my big tasks at this part of the day.

But lately, as if my body has a different idea. I don't know if it's a usual or unique case for people with hypothyroidism but I always feel my energy slump at the first half of the day. I know exactly what they mean when they say, "There is no tired like hypothyroidism tired.". I had to push myself more than usual to brush this reality off.

So finally, I gave in to what my body is asking for the longest time: to take it easy during mornings. Below is a pic of my messy desk (from the night before) and turned off computer during the part of the day that is supposed to be my "most productive" time. This time, I just let me body rest and relax till I feel my energy slowly return.


What I learned is that I can still get stuff done by simply rearranging my tasks for the day. The 100% effort tasks that requires my full focus need to be transferred to the time of the day when my energy is up. During mornings, I can still get the relatively easy tasks done. I can also experiment by moving the start of my work hours.

If you had been following me for awhile now, you know that I also have hyperhidrosis. My hands are always sweaty. I had experimented with a lot of cure for it for years but I still have it. It's frustrating when I had to work with paper. You know I love everything paper and my business is paper-related. If it's a paper project or product wherein the output needs to be divinely clean, it takes me twice the amount of time to get it done because it's almost impossible to quickly work with covered hands.

I noticed a pattern lately (with our current weather) that my hands are very dry during night time. Another lightbulb! I can work on physical paper projects on night time. It's not the most ideal work time, but it's what I've got and I'm going to use it. It actually ties nicely with my morning energy slump. Some night activities might need to move if I have to use this pocket of time but it is workable.

I know all of these are not going to be permament on my schedule and it's an ongoing, constant dialogue with what my body needs. I am actually appreciating the pockets of time wherein my body can be most efficient. These things made me more mindful on where I use my time.

What is your unique body timing? Have you every considered basing your work hours on your body needs, too?