Year End Work/Biz Questions to Ponder On

I'd like to keep my year end evaluation simple with only 4 points so I am sure that I'll do it even if my holiday schedule gets hectic. No excuses!

What I ask myself:

  • What worked? What brought the best results?
  • What didn't work? What didn't make an impact?
  • How can I do what worked again? How to take it to the next level?
  • What can I do to avoid what didn't work? How to make it completely stop?

Answering these lead me to decisions that pivoted or drove my work and business to directions that I felt was better for it for the incoming year. If possible, I use measurable data so I have concrete basis for my answers. Gut feel & being honest to oneself about what feels wrong, and what feels right are important, too. 

It takes days for me to go through these questions. To avoid distractions, I even go on hiatus on my social media accounts.

Keeping a journal makes year end evaluation easier because you just need to browse through it to be reminded of the year's events. But if you don't have one, you can still absolutely make it by taking time to reflect on your year that was. (Browsing your previous online photos could help, too!)

This year, this allowed me to gain brand clarity, to close a venture with my sister (to support her start a fresh, new one!) and to gain more insight on my career. What a difference this "pause and ponder time" makes.