Simple Living Series Part 1: My Environment

This post is Part 1 of 6 of Simple Living Series. Learn more about the series here.

Since my work as an architect deals with designing living spaces, I was inspired to kick-off the series with a list on best practices for creating an ideal environment to live in.


  • allot a sacred space that belongs to me in the house for my personal things and for activities that I prefer to do alone
  • keep essential papers filed in a secure place
  • keep every room in the house neat, simplified and organized
  • take care of the stuff that I have and attend to items that need repair
  • have a simplified capsule wardrobe that contains my essential go-to clothing pieces
  • know the type of clothes that work for me and keep only those that make me look and feel great
  • place real green plants and flowers inside the house to enrich air quality and beautify the place and ensure they are well taken cared of
  • care for pets like they are part of the family
  • create a sleeping area that allow me to rest well
  • make sure the foods in the kitchen are fresh and not past their expiry dates
  • live in a home and location that we love and is safe for the family
  • keep my work area effective for productivity, creativity and inspiration
  • reduce, recycle and reuse whenever possible
  • clean with products that are not damaging to the environment
  • listen to music that makes me feel good
  • own or acquire only things that represent my authentic self and not somebody else’s choice for me
  • have a regular schedule of purging my belongings and giving away the things that I no longer need to other people who would benefit them
  • do not keep something that I do not need or will never use
  • keep my home smelling good naturally
  • keep the car regularly maintained
  • enrich a room’s ambience if necessary by lighting candles/incenses or putting personal touches
  • use a family chore routine that is effective and works for everyone in the family
  • practice cleaning as I go and quick clutter pick-up
  • surround myself with beautiful things
  • organize my digital files and keep a backup copy in a safe place
  • evaluate my home’s changing needs regularly and be open to adjustments
  • make sure the layout and design of my home is in tune with our family’s lifestyle, values and needs and encourages healthy, loving and fun interaction among us
  • make sure there is ample lighting around me

Keep your eyes peeled for Part 2: My Body!