Ephemera Mini Book

Last year & early this year, I made mini books of different sizes and shapes. I enjoy looking at the variety of these projects but I had a hard time storing them because of their irregular forms. 

This year, I wanted to give the new minis that I'm making a similar format. Luckily, I found these A6 notebooks in Daiso that are perfect for the job. They have a chipboard like cover with a window for a title and they come in white & kraft versions with nice, thick pages.

I use my mini books to hold real-life ephemera like tickets and receipts. These little scraps of paper bulk up my wallet quickly and I always need a place to store them ASAP. I prepped 5 notebooks for my mini needs: 

  • 2015 - for last year's ephemera

  • 2016 - for this year's bits and pieces

  • Jam - my daughter's little book

  • Jen - my personal notebook (This ended up holding mostly product tags that I love)

  • Julia - for my new baby (We initially thought we'd name her Jade, hence, the cover. Changing that.)

Since ephemera are already interesting by themselves, I just use minimal embellishments using digital elements that I printed & cut to decorate the pages.


Today, I'll give you a peek at my daughter's mini. These might look like a bunch of useless scraps to others but for us, looking back at these pages and seeing the ephemera inside brings back so many memories like:

  • Xray form - from the time when she got a black eye from a head bump

  • 1/10 quiz - her first quiz when she transferred school (She was able to adjust to her new school & excelling now. We are so proud of her improvement.)

  • Her doodles! - She tries different types of pens every time she has a chance. She can still remember which one she used when I ask, like the one for the glittery green dress on one of the girl drawings.

  • Her word practices - Now she can read!

  • A talent agency flyer - She was invited to audition for a product commercial

  • Teacher & school notes & reminders

  • Minis she made - She's fascinated with miniature stuff.

  • Ballet rules & fees

  • Junior driving license from a fun mall activity sponsored by Volkswagen

  • Favorite clothing brand tag

  • Fashion show ticket where she won 2nd place

I hope this gives you an idea on how easy it is to keep an ephemera mini. I wish this little project of mine inspires you to start your collection, too.