Make A Swatches Notebook

This craft project came about from my discovery of the wonders of the solvent ink pad. Alright, I'm a late bloomer in stamping because I only tried StazOn recently. And boy, what a fabulous find it was.

The output is clean and crisp. It had no problem stamping the fine details of my very small stamps. The ink doesn't stay on the stamp but transfers almost completely on paper, which means less clean up required. Oh, I can go on! Needless to say, I am now eyeing to try more colors from this brand. 

Just a reminder that if you'll be buying a stamp cleaner, note that not all brands can remove solvent ink stains. So just make sure that you get a cleaner especially made for this type.

I made a swatches notebook this week so I can have a quick reference of the designs available from my small stash. It's also a great way to try and see how the stamped output looks like on paper. Lastly, it's nice to prime the stamps by using them on a piece of paper first before using them on an actual project so the ink adheres better. Putting each design on a notebook ensure that I had already primed each piece.

I keep my stamps on an organizer from Miss O.C. I like how this bag keeps all my polymer stamps in one place, organized by type of use.

I also have a small collection of wood mounted stamps and I also placed their designs on the swatches notebook.

Here's the simple cover that I made using sticker label and stamps, of course.

Here are the pages inside the stamp swatches section. 

I also added a fun washi swatches section at the back so I can have a reference for them, too. This is very useful because some washi tapes have a long, unique designs like my fave graffiti-style washis from Classiky & the list washi tape from Studio Calico that has 5 types of bulleted/numbered lists.