Simple Living Series Part 3: My Nutrition

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It's been a few months since I gave birth to our daughter and I'm still honestly struggling to get back to my healthy eating habits a.k.a. not eating for two habits. I'm taking baby steps on this. The last time had a full Autoimmune Paleo diet (which I did to support my thyroid issues), I was so successful in shedding my extra weight but I was not able to keep the strict habit. I wish to get back on AIP still though at least 1 month a year for a reset

I'm picking habits from this list one at a time. I will try to incorporate fun in the kitchen this time instead of seeing it as a limiting place for me.  This week I'm trying out recipes from my copy of Life is Messy Kitchen and I'm so looking forward to that. I'm also taking notes of healthy stuff that I love to eat so I always remember to stock the pantry with them  (hello lemons, almond milk & oats!). Baby steps, folks. Join me as I pick a few more things to do next...


  • be aware of my hunger scale
  • plan and prepare nourishing meals
  • limit or eliminate processed foods
  • strive not to eat more than the recommended sugar consumption per day
  • eliminate unfermented soy
  • rarely use caffeine as energy source
  • be aware and manage my cravings
  • chew food very well
  • eat whole grains and greens
  • drink lots of purified water
  • bless my food before eating
  • keep a food journal
  • be aware of recommended eating guidelines
  • avoid hormone-fed animal & dairy products
  • nourish myself with smoothies & juices
  • drink water (with or without lemon) upon rising
  • detox or juice fast once a week/month/season
  • try to maintain this ratio when eating: 80% alkaline foods, 20% acidic foods
  • remember the Dirty Dozen & Clean Fifteen when shopping for organic fruits & vegetables
  • get vitamins and minerals from natural food source
  • aim to eat 3 hours before bedtime
  • make my kitchen paperless by using reusable towels
  • avoid weight-loss scams, fad diets and fitness gimmicks
  • cook staples from scratch 
  • practice batch cooking
  • learn and try new, healthy recipes regularly
  • eat locally and seasonally

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image: Julien