Simple Living Series: My Body


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It took a long time for me to appreciate the uniqueness of my body. From where I grew up, I didn't look like the kids on our street or like the classmates on my school. I felt there was something always "too much" with me. I was uncomfortable with my skin, my nose, my shoulders and my hair. I felt too different. I just wanted to blend with the class, but my plans on doing just that had always failed.

Later on, when I got older, I learned to fully embrace how my body looks and feels. I can now appreciate my own kind of beauty. 

I had always been fascinated by the concept of self-care and I am still continually finding and doing ways to take care of my body the best that I can. Here are some practices that I know could nourish our bodies in the best possible way:


  • regularly get enough good sleep
  • have a balanced and varied workout routine that I enjoy & keeps me fit
  • actively manage any current health issues
  • use natural beauty products / avoid chemicals on cosmetics
  • maintain a positive body image on self and others, say no to media ideal image
  • learn how to properly care for my unique hair type
  • daily oral care including tongue cleaning, see a dentist  every 6 months
  • maintain a healthy cholesterol count, blood pressure and blood sugar count
  • incorporate active movement in daily lifestyle
  • have a regular physical exam/overall check up
  • get regular eye exam and check if glasses/lenses used are still appropriate for eyes
  • keep weight in ideal range
  • practice skin dry brushing for extra circulation benefits before bath
  • walk confidently & maintain a good posture
  • keep an exercise journal to know if fitness goals are met
  • practice breathing breaks
  • perform bone stretching exercises daily
  • be aware of the body’s signals when exercising
  • surround myself with natural, pleasant aromas
  • act more energetic, claim to have a lot of energy especially at the beginning of the day
  •  get therapeutic care like sauna, steam baths or massages once in a while

3rd installment of this series is next: My Nutrition.

image: Ravi