DIY TN Inserts Tutorial (Condensed Version)


I switched from white to cream paper this week for my Traveler's Notebook inserts and I documented the simple process of making them for you.

You can follow along starting with the top left image, clockwise.

For this tutorial, I used Pocket Size but the process is the same for the other sizes.

1. Print your printable inserts double sided. I used the Script Theme printables for this example. You can check out all the TN printables in the shop here. If printing booklet-style (with a specific order of pages), you can use this sample printable booklet to test with your printer first.
2. Stack your paper. If you have a fold-out insert, remember to stack the flap part alternating left and right (ex. page 1 flap is on left, page 2, flap is on right).
3. Use a long-arm/reach stapler to staple the center of the inserts stack.
4. Cut the top and bottom excess paper using the crop marks guide.
5. Fold the stapled stack using a bone folder.
6. Measure the width of the notebook and cut the excess paper on the side.
7. Optional: Punch the corners for a cleaner look.
8. Enjoy your new notebooks!

Want to see the full tutorial? Check out this post