Simple Living Series Part 5: My Mind & Spirit

This post is Part 4 of 6 of Simple Living Series. Learn more about the series here.

I should have started with this part, right? Because truly our mindset and our feelings matters A LOT. They control us, our decisions and our actions. But how do we really breakdown this somewhat vague and huge area of our life? 

Here's my little guideline list:

  • be aware of the physical environments and periods of day I'm creative and with high energy
  • surround myself with creative inspiration and friends
  • bring creativity to my work and to relationships
  • be aware of things that I’m not necessarily “good“ at
  • ignore the voice of my inner critic when necessary
  • appreciate the creative talents & contributions of others
  • know ways to get me unstuck in situations
  • open questions, unsolved puzzles & “never done this before”s
  • know how to relax and have fun
  • take a break when necessary
  • rarely watch television
  • carve time for worship always
  • find the good in others and let them know if given a chance
  • have a rewarding life beyond my work or profession
  • have a little something to look forward to daily
  • be aware & fully take care of all emotional problems you have
  • take evenings, weekends and holidays off 
  • start my day right with a morning routine
  • establish an evening routine, prepare for the next day
  • laugh out loud
  • play like a child and/or with a child or with a pet
  • listen to healing music or music I enjoy
  • regularly pursue creative and personal projects
  • take some time just for me each day
  • enjoy the outdoors and connect with nature each day
  • simplify my life as much as possible.
  • unplug regularly
  • set an intention for the day
  • keep reading books, keep on learning
  • write the best part or the most exquisite moment of my day
  • know things that I love about myself
  • be early or on time
  • prioritize necessary tasks
  • tackle a nagging task

image: A. Batz