iPhone App Picks for Solopreneurs

As much as I love the analog lifestyle, I love using apps on my iPhone, too. I remember getting one of the first versions of the iPhone (copy-paste feature wasn't even activated that time, you guys!) from Dubai's GITEX and my mobile life had never been the same. My roommate that time (I was still single then.) would always joke that wherever Jen's iPhone is, Jen is just within its 5-meter radius. :D

I am pretty experimental when it comes to apps. I used to download any app I like, mostly productivity related ones, with no limits just so I can test if it works for me. After almost a decade of testing, here are the ones that survived on this solopreneur's mobile:

Updated: Dec 2016


  • Things - Flawless (seriously) tasks syncing
  • Trello - holds my digital resources & references links in column format
  • Basecamp - for team collab. I also use this for Basecamp 2's calendar which I LOVE.
  • Simplenote - my distraction free writing app choice
  • Moleskine Timeline - beautifully made interface for reminders & events
  • Evernote - takes a big chunk of data on my phone but my notes are important to me so it's worth it
  • Pocket - for the ever-growing read later list


  • Xe Currency - for international conversions
  • Paypal - for my "virtual money" updates
  • Google Sheets - I share a ton of spreadsheets with my sister here that we update almost on a daily basis.
  • Money - I use the desktop app and I love it. I am patiently waiting for Jumsoft to update the mobile app because it's not yet optimized for the current version now.
  • Paymaya (PH only)- I use this as my internet card back up. I'm so glad that this kind of convenient service is now available here.
  • Xend Mobile (PH only) - for on the go courier booking & tracking


  • Woocommerce - for website shop sales reports for WP users
  • Sell on Etsy - useful for quick convos & sales updates. LOVE the ka-ching sound notification of this app.
  • Mailchimp - I used this as my newsletter report tracker
  • Slack - for business & random chats with my sister & other collabs
  • Xend Mobile - my local courier app used for bookings
  • Dropbox - holds all business files so they are accessible in any device
  • Shopify - online shop tracking
  • Creativelive, Skillshare, Craftsy & Creativebug - for online learning. I regularly use Creativelive's free daily class option. So generous of the company to provide it!


  • VSCO - best & quickest photo editing for me
  • PicTapGo - Unique filters that can be layered
  • Project Life - quick digital scrapbooking. This is actually my not-so-secret weapon on finishing my albums quickly.
  • WordSwag - quick text on photos
  • Diptic - because I'm a photo collage addict
  • Retouch - It's like having Photoshop with just a few clicks. It even got so much better with its new update. LOVE this app!


  • Facebook - because family & friends
  • Facebook Messenger - because FB requires this to chat to family & friends who are only available in FB
  • Instagram - LOVE this platform. Visuals are my medium.
  • Followers - For Instragram tracking
  • Pinterest - for vision boards & secret moodboards
  • Skype/Viber - for connecting with family & friends across the globe


  • Spotify - I have a playlist here called "Jen's picks" and with this, you can tell my current mood in a glance.
  • Podcasts - on my feed are business & spiritual podcasts. Check out my recommendations here.


  • YouVersion Bible - I committed to a 1-year Bible reading plan here. I always had to catch up but it did wonders in growing my spiritual understanding.
  • Jesus Calling - Sarah Young's language on this devotional speaks to my heart.


  • Clue - neat feminine tracker
  • Skyscanner - as recommended by a well-traveled friend
  • Netflix - for late night movie binges
  • Kindle - it is scary how many books I was able to finish reading using my iPhone (hint: a lot)
  • Paprika - my recipe picks are all here, synced on my iMac


  • Adorable - baby & kids themed photo editor 
  • Glow Baby - All-in-1 baby app. The forum is helpful and encouraging. And the daily notifications are actually helpful and educational. Still expecting? Get the Nurture app, made by the same developer.

That's it! Hope this round-up is useful for you. Care to share any app that you can't live without as a solopreneur?