Resources for a Creative Home & Biz Life: The Digital Edition List

Here I am again on my 3rd update of this list. I like regularly revisiting this page to check and see what still works for me and add new useful stuff I recently discovered. I love looking at the resources pages of my favorite blogs & websites. I think it's such a generous idea to share what worked for them! This time, I'm splitting the list to digital and physical items. Below are my digital picks. (See the my physical resources here.)

As always I place only what I genuinely love to use. Enjoy! 


  • Things - The "Scheduled" section is gold for me. Runners up are Todoist, Teux Deux (the one for you if you love the weekly format) & Trello.
  • Basecamp - I like Basecamp 2 than Basecamp 3. Because calendar. Seriously. Best calendar interface for me.


 Desktop Apps:

  • Evernote - I have over 3000+ notes in my Evernote. It's crazy!
  • Backblaze - Automatic cloud backup for my entire computer.
  • Skype - Allows my family to keep in touch with other family members on the other side of the world. Great for business, too!
  • Spark - My new choice for multiple email management.
  • Simple Note - I use this to capture small pieces of notes that I wish to sync with my phone. 
  • F.lux - "Warms up your computer display at night, to match your indoor lighting." Just get it & thank me later.
  • 1Password - Not just for passwords but also for other identity information.
  • Skitch - Screenshots boss.
  • Paprika - I tried every recipe app there is because I like all my recipes VERY organized & accessible. This is the best in terms of function & design for me.
  • Coffitivity - Ambient "coffee shop" noise makes me feel the vibe of a large creative group even if I'm working at home.
  • Focus - A nifty too that helps do just that and reminds me to take breaks.
  • Money - Easy to use, and has a neat interface. This surprisingly makes money management a pleasure.
  • Pixave - I use this to manage thousands of images on my computer. Just remember to connect your folders to this app so the images don't get copied on it. The interface is fresh. It makes viewing and searching for the perfect image I need a pleasure.

Reading Apps:

  • Kindle - I like that I can read my books in any device on hand.
  • Calibre - I also own a Kobo reader and this is what I use to sync all my ebooks.
  • Zinio - I have limited space in our house and I don't like adding bulky magazine stacks to it so I just built my collection here. My favorites magazines are Real Simple, The Simple Things, Paper & Entrepreneur.


Education (Kids): 

  • - Worksheets for every lesson to complement my daughter's schooling. I let J use the iPad on weekdays for Brainzy only.



  • Noon Pacific & Spotify - I have no time (and patience) to compile a fresh playlist every week. I rely on these sites to provide super cool music as I work. So good.


  • Squarespace - Dropped WP this year and switched my blog & shop to this AMAZING platform.
  • Carbonmade - I keep my online professional portfolio here.


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