How to use PSD Layered Templates for Digital Scrapbooking


Our newest best-seller in the shop was a surprise to me -- it's the 6x8 digital scrapbooking templates designed by my sister! (Great job, Sis!) It's a "scratch your own itch" kind of product because she made this templates set when she can't find a good variety of 6x8 layouts for her own family album. It includes 14 unique layouts that work perfectly on a 6x8 album. It took me awhile to try digital scrapbooking using Photoshop because I thought that it'll take so much of my time to set up. My sister introduced me to these templates and now I am hooked! The templates come in Layered PSD & JPEG formats. If you never worked with a layered Photoshop file before, no worries, because this tutorial will give you some easy steps.

Here's how to use Photoshop layered templates for your scrapbooking page:

  1. Open the template file of your choice. For this tutorial, I'll be using the 6x8 templates from the shop. I wanted 7 pictures to fit on my page so I chose Template 9 with rounded corners.


2. Place (File>Place) your picture in the file.


3. From the Layers Menu (Window>Layers), drag the position of the picture's layer at the top of the template shape layer where you want to place it. Here you can see that I placed it over the "journaling card/photo 4" layer. My sister picks the layer at the top of the template shape layer that she wants to use before opening the picture so it lands in the correct position right away.


4. While on the photo layer, do the Transform command (press Cmd+T or Ctrl+T) to drag your photo over the shape where you want it to be. You can also resize it while on Transform command by pressing shift while toggling the corners.


5. Now, go back to the Layers Menu and right-click on the photo layer and choose "Create Clipping Mask" on the flyout menu. The photo layer should now look indented like this:And the layout like this:Remember, if you still wish to resize and adjust the location of your photo, you can still do the Transform command even if the photo is masked.


6. Do steps 2-5 for the rest of your photos.


7. As a finishing touch, I added texts for the name of the beach & town location and gave it a 45% opacity for a bit of a translucent effect. I also turned off the background layer so it won't print.

I printed this in letter size photo paper, 100% scale, crop marks option checked and I cut the excess. Here's the final output: