My Morning Routine


Morning routines are sacred to me. I truly believe that the things we do upon waking up set the tone for the whole day. I updated my morning routine as there had been changes from the last time I shared it with you. My daughter is going to school now plus we have a new baby (!) and that alone changed our mornings very much.

Right now, this is what I do as soon as I wake up.

  • I say gratitude & reflect on the Scriptures. I use YouVersion to read the Verse of the day & Jesus Calling app on my phone. Then, I just listen -- no talking, no complaining, just plain listening -- to God's message for me today. I find that the perfect way to do this is when the room is very silent during the wee hours of the morning. I take some deep breaths before getting up from my bed.

  • Morning Pages writing and One Sentence Journaling (if I hadn't filled it the night before).

  • To manage my vasomotor rhinitis (non-allergic rhinitis) that usually attacks in the morning, I use "smelling salts". I inhale deeply this & it quickly gives relief & keeps my sinuses clear. I also take my thyroid medication, Eltroxin, because it needs to be taken with an empty stomach, 30 minutes before breakfast.

  • Oral hygiene.

  • Breakfast with husband & coffee.

  • J's school preps.

  • I dry brush my skin first starting on my legs, working up before bath time. For my wavy hair, I use a lot of conditioner to moisturize. I use a natural cleanser/scrub & toner for my face. For extra detoxification, I use salts for foot scrubbing. It is very humid where I live so I'm still developing the good habit of moisturizing my whole body after bath ('cause it can feel really sticky) but I religiously use cocoa butter as post natal care.

  • I put on a moisturizer with a minimum SPF15 on my face before I put on my light make-up for the day (loving pink-mauve lipstick right now).

  • For extra thyroidism relief, I roll thyroid protocol oil (that I made with frankincense, peppermint, close, rosemary & lemon essential oils and coconut oil) to my neck to give myself a boost of energy & I use a supplement recommended by my Ma that boosts my energy.

  • I then review my to-dos and plan my day before I start working.

  • I always aim to make my first work task either writing, making/releasing a product or doing the most essential item on my to do list.

How about you, how did your morning routine changed from last year? 

This post is part of my Routines & Habits series. Check out my night routines & day habits, too. I invite you to list & track your routines, too, using this free printable that I made for you.

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