My Night Routine


My night routine didn't change a lot since the last time I shared it. What only proved to be more difficult for me lately is the idea of "slowing down" because of the ton of ideas in my head that I wish to cram in a day & execute right away. Hello, Type A Choleric in me!

Here's my current night wrap-up activities:

  • Clutter pick-up. Desk stuff, toys, art & paint materials, dishes and more toys. A colleague said this is because each person has a comfortable level of clutter so no matter how you clean, it will keep on returning to that state. Oh my, I agree!
  •  Early dinner. My husband usually comes home late so I asked him if I could have my dinner earlier than him. He knows how important it is for me to eat at least 2-3 hours before bedtime so he doesn't mind. I'm still hopeful though that his work hours can get better soon so we can have dinner together daily again.
  • Tea time with husband. We collect different flavors for our tea tin can and try a different one every week. It's hard to choose a favorite but I like going AIP-friendly so my usual picks are chamomile, banaba, moringa, cinnamon, ginger, lagundi and berry flavors.
  • Hygiene time with my daughter - Cleaning up, brushing teeth and changing clothes. I like putting body oil on my body before sleeping & I moisturize my face, too. If I know I still have work to do later that night, I massage a few drops of thyroid protocol oil on my neck for an extra boost of energy.
  • Journaling and planner time. I brain dump what happened during the day & what should be done the next day.
  • Family prayer time. My daughter leads this. I am AMAZED at the things she recites she is grateful for.
  • Bedtime story. We are co-sleeping right now and my little one loves fairy tales AND stories about my & my husband's childhood. We happily recall the memories.
  • Reading. On my E-book reader, phone or with real pages of a book.

What are your unique night routines?

This post is part of my Routines & Habits series. Check out my morning routines & day habits, too. I invite you to list & track your routines, too, using this free printable that I made for you.

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