Nested Page Markers Tutorial


Today, I wish to share with you how I use nested page markers on my own planner. Nested page markers are great for holding essential or quick information that we need to know right away when we open our planners. They don’t even have to be arranged in a nested way because these snap-in markers can be easily popped in any page of your planners.

For this tutorial, I used the SVG cutting file for Personal Size Planner from the shop (A5 size is also available.) I used 270 gsm gold & silver cardstock and set my Silhouette on blade 5 and thickness 33. I chose the version with notches so I can snap-in the page markers without opening the rings.


I decided to laminate them to make them sturdy. I used a laminating film with 85 micron thickness. You can use a thicker one if you prefer them stiffer. I prefer 85 mic though because it lets me cut the film very near to the edge of the cardstock because it seals very well when heated unlike thicker films that leave a small open gap.

After laminating, I punch each hole again using a one-hole puncher to remove the closed holes due to the film and I cut the notches manually, following the machine-cut notches of the cardstock. I run the page markers again on my laminator to seal any open edges from punching.


Here’s how they looked like after I attached the tab labels & finished laminating and punching.


Time to decorate! For this set, I wanted to create "creative essentials" page markers so I initially had the following categories in mind:

  • + books/movies

  • + learning/skills

  • + art journaling

  • + project life/minis

  • + planner/stationery

I used a Sharpie to write these. The nice thing about writing on a laminated piece is that you can erase it with a rubbing alcohol if you change you mind (like me!). I ended up writing the tab labels in script and I changed the term project life/minis to scrapbooking and planner/stationery to wishlists. I also found that slim washi tapes are useful for this type of project because of the narrow working space. After trying different sticky notes, stamps and stationery...


Here’s the finished set! I used Muji’s small notepad pages, some stickers from Pipsticks, Paper Stone and previous releases from the shop and a checkbox stamp from an Elle Studio set.


I also made a version for my business essentials.


I hope you find this tutorial helpful! Try making a set today! :)