Everyday Photos Checklist

Everyday Photos Checklist

I had always wanted to document my day (or week)-in-a-life scrapbook style. I agree that it'd be great to look back years from now and see how my current day was. But the idea of starting it from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep overwhelms me. It feels like a huge paper project so I never got to start it. 

I thought of making a simpler version of it by having a running list of everyday activities & stuff photos that I wish to take instead. I thought of making a checklist because a checklist makes the project "bite-sized", by completing one item at a time.

Without further ado, here are the items written on my checklist:

  • a part of my morning routine

  • my usual breakfast

  • my stacked journals

  • my favorite toiletries

  • clothes, stuff or activity for child's school preps

  • latest kiddie art

  • start of work rituals

  • notes on the fridge

  • preferred coffee blend

  • child on her school's waiting area or child from school (when face-to-face classes are back)

  • online class setup
  • favorite snacks

  • staples on the pantry/fridge

  • book/s I'm reading

  • open planner on desk

  • our filled grocery cart

  • a household chore

  • our laundry pile

  • clothes folded on our closet

  • meal preps

  • family weekend baking

  • craft stash

  • my cork board/vision board

  • craft project with child

  • family at the car

  • my work desk

  • a treat from a favorite shop

  • go-to accessories

  • favorite lounge wear

  • favorite outfit

  • room with toys on floor

  • child's favorite meal

  • family/child napping

  • bedtime stories

  • husband from work

  • working on a cafe

  • tea time with husband (or smoothies after gym time)

  • a view from our window

  • summer/hot weather stuff

  • rain gear

  • a nicely made bed

  • a part of my night routine

Need a layout for logging your daily photos? You can try our Daily Dot Grid layouts in the shop. The top design has a space for logging the date, while the rest of the page has a clean dot grid layout for your photos and journaling.

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