iPhone App Picks for Solopreneurs

iPhone App Picks for Solopreneurs

As much as I love the analog lifestyle, I love using apps on my iPhone, too. I remember getting one of the first versions of the iPhone (copy-paste feature wasn't even activated that time, you guys!) from Dubai's GITEX and my mobile life had never been the same. My roommate that time would always joke that wherever my iPhone is, I'm just within its 5-meter radius. :D

There are many apps that can be helpful for a solopreneur. Some of these are apps that you should use if you want to track your daily progress and others are great for organizing your business.

After over a decade of using apps I learned that using fewer but efficient apps is better. Here are the most used apps on my phone:

Updated: Dec 2021


  • Notion - best over-all multi-tasker
  • Simplenote - my distraction free writing app choice


  • Paypal - best online transactions
  • Google Sheets - for business and personal spreadsheets
  • Gcash (PH only)- quick and hassle-free transfers


    • Sell on Etsy - useful for quick convos & sales updates
    • Dropbox & iCloud - holds all business files so they are accessible in any device
    • Shopify - online shop notification & tracking


    • Domestika, Kajabi, Teachable & Skillshare - for accessing e-courses


      • Lightroom - best photo editor for me. I'm addicted to presets!
      • Unfold - quick & elegant layouts for IG posts and stories
      • Retouch - for simple photo retouches


      • Facebook & Instagram - for visual marketing & connecting with customers 
      • Pinterest - for marketing, vision boards & secret moodboards
      • Zoom - for online conferences
      • Messenger, Viber & Skype - for personal and business communication


        • Spotify - runs my choice of background music, and now podcasts, too.


          • Skyscanner - as recommended by a well-traveled friend, for finding the cheapest flights
          • Netflix - so many inspiring shows!
          • Kindle - check out my books recommendations post
          • Paprika - my tested recipes are here, synced on my iMac
          • Waking Up - best daily meditation app for me
          • Insight Timer - best for exploring different types of meditation
          • Melissa Wood Health - my daily low-impact workout source, syncs with a Smart TV
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