One Sentence A Day Journaling

One Sentence A Day Journaling

One Sentence A Day journaling is a great way for people to practice mindfulness and self-awareness. This quick type of journaling can also provide an opportunity for introspection so that we can better understand ourselves and our habits.

I am a laconic so this journaling format actually fits me perfectly.

I started with The Happiness Project One Sentence Journal: A Five Year Record. It has one quote for every day of the year. No prompts. It is more geared to recording a moment that happened for a certain day.  

After filling about 3 years of the Happiness Project pages, I later moved to a Kikki K A Sentence A Day journal. What I like about it is that it has questions or prompts for every day of the year. It's amazing to see how very different I answer a question in just a span of 1 year.

I don't really get to answer this journal everyday. There are some days I had to catch up, say, I would answer 3 (or more) missed pages all in one day. Still, the insights I gain are valuable even if the entries are not 100% true to their dates.

 There was one time that I was flipping through my recent answers and I saw a pattern that something was really bugging me. It was apparently a big deal to me because it set my mood for the month -- and it can be seen on sentence after sentence that I wrote.

I'd love for you to gain the same clarity through this kind of journaling format even if in case you don't have one. I listed here prompts that you can use for 30 days. 

One Sentence Prompts

Instructions: Answer in 1 sentence. 1 question per day, for a whole month. Example, Question #1 must be answered on the 1st day of the month, #2 on the 2nd day and so on. Repeat on the following months.

  1. What's in your bag?

  2. When was the last time you said "I'm sorry."?

  3. A gift you still treasure

  4. A place you wish you were right now

  5. What makes you smile?

  6. An important message you received

  7. A favorite meal

  8. A remarkable gesture you experienced

  9. What kind of (physical) space do you need?

  10. What do you want more of?

  11. What should be done within the next few hours?

  12. What is important for your family?

  13. Something you wish you have

  14. Someone who deserves your time

  15. A project you wish you started

  16. What does today remind you of?

  17. A new goal

  18. A promise to yourself

  19. Your happy place

  20. What makes you comfortable?

  21. First thought upon waking up

  22. A call you have to make

  23. What are you saving for?

  24. What doesn't matter now?

  25. Great thing about where you are

  26. Something to look forward to

  27. What must be celebrated?

  28. What did you last buy?

  29. When was the last time you laughed?

  30. What must you let go today?

IDEA TIME: No need to have a separate One Sentence a Day notebook if you don't have one. You can squeeze the your daily prompt logs on your Weekly Pages.

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