Simple Living Series Part 4: My Money

Simple Living Series Part 4: My Money

This post is Part 4 of 6 of Simple Living Series. Learn more about the series here.

I used to hate managing finances. It must have been because of years of making a ton of finance trackers or because of my immersion in entrepreneurship that I now appreciate the process. I love trying out different systems for tracking money. 

Here are some more things in my financial game plan: 

  • have a weekly and monthly financial management routine

  • review my bills regularly

  • keep a filing system for my bills, statements & other financial documents

  • use the envelope system for my monthly spending

  • implement a budget framework (for needs, wants and savings) to manage income

  • have an automated deposit system for retirement, savings & emergency funds

  • save 3 to 6 months worth of monthly income as emergency fund

  • help my partner build a college fund for our children

  • never carry a large credit-card balance

  • be comfortable talking about money with my partner

  • feel good about where I’ve invested my money

  • analyze big financial decisions with real calculations

  • pay all my bills on time

  • know how much I need to be minimally financially independent, have a plan to get there and put aside enough money each month to reach it

  • cut down in my spending on things that are not truly important to me

  • experiment on different tactics to save money and weigh its real impact on my finances

  • return any money I borrowed

  • make sure tax returns have been filed & all my taxes have been paid

  • live well, within my means

  • have an excellent medical insurance

  • insure my assets (car, home, possessions, treasures)

  • have a financial plan for the next year

  • keep a track of my online transactions and subscriptions

  • be on a career/business track which is or will soon be rewarding

  • make sure earnings are commensurate with the effort I put into my job

  • check in with my buying patterns

  • prepare for my end

  • streamline my receipt system

  • make my bills paperless

  • use a portion of my income to invest in my self development

  • view money as beautiful, good, abundant and supportive to me and my family

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