Simple Living Series Part 6: Relationships

Simple Living Series Part 6: Relationships

This post is Part 6 of 6 of Simple Living Series. Learn more about the series here.

The last installment of this series is all about people in our lives and our connection with them.

I listed here the ideal things that I believe should be a part of our daily relationships with others but in reality you and I know that maintaining a flawless relationship could be real hard work. These are personal reminders that I'd like to share with you as we strive to be the kind of person that others are grateful for as part of their lives.

  • clearly communicate my thoughts, ideas & feelings

  • regularly show kindness and affection to people I care about

  • treat every person I meet with respect and dignity

  • apologize when I’m in the wrong or have hurt someone

  • actively listen when others are speaking and acknowledge their views

  • raise concerns honestly without blaming & shaming

  • when arguing, pause before saying something I might regret

  • know how to exit arguments in a healthy, positive way

  • share in the joys & concerns of others w/o getting personally sucked

  • refuse to tolerate hurtful or destructive behavior from others

  • say thank you

  • smile often and foster a sense of humor

  • communicate with my loved ones regularly

  • do my best to be on good terms with people and maintain to have no one I would dread

  • let go of the relationships which drag me down or damage me

  • initiate communication with everyone who I seriously upset

  • do not gossip or talk about others

  • have a circle of friends/family who love and appreciate me for who I am

  • be fully caught up with important letters and calls

  • make a list of people I need to forgive & work daily to forgive

  • be a person of his/her word

  • quickly correct misunderstandings when they do occur

  • live life on my terms, not by the rules or preferences of others

  • do not judge or criticize others

  • do not "take personally" the things that people say to me

  • make requests rather than complain

  • give generously of myself and my resources

  • regularly do a random act of kindness

  • bless other people's beauty and generosity

  • practice asking & fully receiving

  • know my posse & have plenty of energy & time for them

  • know, serve & engage with my tribe

  • appreciate more than criticize

  • shift to more heart talk

  • bring loving awareness to my feelings, habits and patterns of being in relationship

  • communicate with inarguable not defensive truths

  • have awareness & engagement fully when communicating

  • consider asking for help sometimes

  • eliminate blame, criticism and complaint

  • always jump at the chance to play with a child

  • make people feel comfortable in my home

  • cultivate friendships

  • keep my family close

  • develop common interests with loved ones

  • think less of people who bother me

  • know that envy & comparison is pointless

  • let others know how important they are to me

  • be a peacemaker

  • don’t pretend to ignore things my loved ones do that bother me

  • quit nagging

  • don’t expect praise or appreciation

  • know my and my partner’s language of love

  • acknowledge the reality of people’s feelings

  • remember birthdays

  • go on dates with my children

  • schedule regular date night with my husband

Thank you for joining me in this List Series! I hope this inspired you to reflect on your own life list and helped build your own meaningful days. 

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